How hiring a good architect can save your money!


There are a number of limitations in project development. Law on Spatial Planning and Construction defines at national level what is allowed and what is not, and spatial planning and urban plans define different building requirements for different areas. There are various regulations which define standards of construction. Such is the Ordinance on energy saving in buildings, which defines how many houses should spend a maximum of energy. The skilled architect must know all these restrictions, and align them with those limitations and possibilities of investors, particularly in terms of finance and he should propose a solution or a compromise.


The intention to save money eventually can cost you a lot!

During designing an architect has to pay attention on different information that can be classified into 3 main groups: function, aesthetics and construction. In addition to the design process involved finance, psychology, influence of the time, deadlines etc.Current situations have a huge impact on the customers. Recent earthquake, flood or some similar natural catastrophe will make your customer to consider his options. He will pay attention on resistance of the construction etc.


As we mentioned earlier, the architect must be a good psychologist. The role of the architect is very important because it prevents investors to make a mistake that could cost him a lot.

Therefore, the architect should be well aware of the investor and his vision of things, sometimes he should propose him something opposite of his wishes but it’s for his own good. An architect should be a very practical person. He is there to make you things easier. Sometimes it’s quite difficult task:


He tries to imagine the situation that customers will happen during and after construction. We could say that it’s pure psychology.Sometimes it is better to give up some things while the project is only on paper. For example, it is still a live issue in respect of a flat roof. During his career an architect designs the houseswith really different kind of roofs; houses with classic gable roof can be a modern and beautiful, and the house with a flat roof meaningless and ugly. It’s very important that at the very beginning of the design clients portray the situation. Sometimes a picture is much better in our head than on the paper. Some things could be very difficult to make. Neighbors could make problems, too. Will you remain on your decision that the house has a flat roof, despite inquiries neighbors who want to know why you don’t want to put a “normal” roof? An architect can give you a suitable solution.

 architect_pic_normalThere are architects who have a good marketing and charge a lot their services, and there are those “cheap” ones. In any case, the cost should not be a determining factor. An architect is there to economize your construction and building so use him in the best possible way. Ask him to find you the best possible solution for your plot and house. He is very important for roof construction. If you don’t make it right at the beginning you will be paying repairs for the rest of your life.

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